Media Monitoring and Tracking Module

Track coverage across print, broadcast and internet. The Monitor module tracks your media coverage, keeping you informed with your brand mentions and up-to-the-minute news, views and issues that affect your company and industry, Fully integrated into the Mediaportal software, Monitor accesses Asia’s most comprehensive source list, and matches comprehensiveness with relevance and speed, delivering only the information relevant to your organisation, unlike many automated online solutions.


Our team of media monitoring experts work with you to ensure a relevant and comprehensive news monitoring service from day one.  Our software, human verification and client support provides comprehensive media tracking based on your key issues and delivered in customised categories. Your Isentia Account team will continue to work with you to refine relevance, add and subtract issues as and when needed, ensuring that you have a ‘living brief’ that always meets your needs, not a set and forget, unsupported product.


Drag-and-drop to make the Monitor workspace your own. With highlights easily scanned from your Mediaportal Dashboard, click through to Monitor to scan all media coverage, or filter to highlight print, radio, TV or online coverage. Watch the story unfold in real time with Live View and track the conversation across all media types. Now dealing with even the largest volumes of coverage is a snap.


Media tracking the widest range of sources across your region, Mediaportal’s Monitor module provides the best access to coverage from newspapers, magazines, broadcast, and online news. Access press clippings and stream radio and television clips.  Don’t miss a single issue and be the first to notice relevant industry news.


Create shared coverage folders that allow other users to view online, receive email alerts or RSS feeds. Video and radio clips are streamable by multiple users across your organisation. Monitor makes it easy to share your coverage with your colleagues and stakeholders.

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